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Forum Etiquette

Welcome to NurseryVan Community! We are a community of moms helping each other in this exciting journey of motherhood. To make sure our community serves this purpose, here are guidelines for posting and interacting in this group.

No spam

To avoid multiple questions on the same topic, please type in your question first on the search bar to check if there are threads about it already. If no results are found, you may type in your question. Multiple posting of the same question will be subject to deletion of the post.

Post in the correct forum

Before posting your question, please check that you are in the right forum.

Be respectful

Online communication poses nuances in tone and delivery versus a face-to-face discussion. Please be careful in using strong languages, typing in all caps, and exaggerated exclamation points. Please also be kind as sometimes others may not have read our rules before posting.

No sharing of personal and sensitive information

We do not allow sharing of personal information or sensitive topics among our community members. 

Reply to threads

We encourage that for every question you post, reply to at least two questions from our other members. This is to build our community and help each other. We also ask to keep the discussion within the topic. Should a member reply to derail the conversation, we will remove the reply and advise the user to post it as another topic.

Selling or promotion

We want to keep the community free of ads. We will remove product selling for the time being.


Note: if you see someone violating any of these rules, please do not try to deal with it yourself. Please alert our moderator or admin instead.

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Forum Etiquette



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