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Hi, mommies! Have you seen our latest NVTV episode? We discussed with Mommy Chynna Ortaleza Cipriano, Mommy Nins Po and Mommy Apple about the different birthing methods and their parenting experience during the pandemic. Here is the episode uploaded in... (More)

Lastweek, Nov 13 was my birthday and suppose to be our baby shower celebration. Unfortunately ,typhoon and flood came and were from Marikina so what do we expect. November 12 all ideas for celebration was erased. We need to clean... (More)

Are you finally expecting, mommy? Here's the blog we published from No Compromise Parenting that might help tell if congratulations should be in order. :)

10 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy: Are You Finally Expecting?

Mood swings more often than usual and feeling exhausted every other day? These are some symptoms of early pregnancy that can be easily brushed off as another tiring day. Before you... (More)